Princess Coralie bear cave

Princess Coralie bear cave

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Princess Coralie bear cave

Parlour Game

Princess Coralie bear cave

Parlour Game


Bear cave with bushes

4 bowls

30 red berries (2 replacement red berries if you lose any)

1 dice




The hungry bear protects the berries growing on the bushes of his cave with all his might.

But you and your friends also want to collect berries so that you can fill your bowls and bake a delicious cake!

The wheel of fortune distributes the berries, but if you keep a close watch and use clever tactics, then lots of berries will land in your bowl.

The player who has collected the most berries at the end is the winner.

Have lots of fun collecting berries!

For 2-4 players from 3 to 99 years of age